Get Ready for Back-to-School!

Jackie Saulmon Ramirez | July 29, 2012

August and back-to-school is lurking just around the corner. (Wipe those smiles off your faces!) Back-to-school is a favorite time of year for me too.

Many schools send kids home with summer assignments or schoolwork in preparation for the next school year: read a book, write an essay, work on a word list, etc. It’s a good idea to speak with your child on the status of their assignment progress while there is still time.

There are several organizing items that can be handy for kids to use but my favorite are:

An alarm clock can be an important step in responsibility for any child. If it is a clock radio they can set the time to wake up and also use the sleep timer to listen to music while falling asleep at night.

Calendars are good for planning school projects and keeping track of school events. It’s also a good way for kids to see their schedule and write notes for themselves like ‘return Joey’s bat’ or ‘send thank you to grandma.’

A bulletin board, dry-erase board or blackboard keeps a household running well. Use it for messages, items to buy, needed appointments, math problems, diagrams, etc.

Sticky note pads are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Kids may need to get paper or a notebook but might forget by the time they get to the kitchen—sticky note! One needs to remember to pass a message to a neighbor at the bus stop—sticky note! Another is interrupted while reading—sticky note to the rescue! There are too many uses to mention here.

A personal file with folders can help deal with the flood of papers being lost or misplaced. Giving kids ownership of their papers and responsibility of managing them can increase self-esteem—not to mention ending the hassle of searching for things. It also takes a chore off your list, Mom and Dad! There are a dizzying variety of file containers to choose from: tall or short, wide or narrow, expensive or free cardboard box (empty detergent boxes are perfect).

Back-to-school also means buying clothing because kids grow. I read somewhere that August was the retailer’s biggest month. The good news is that thrift stores and secondhand consignment shops do a booming business too. Yard sales save people a bundle too but they are harder to shop. The question here is whether or not your child will be a trend setter or a follower. The option is there, how much or little you buy is up to you—and your child.

Plastic yard-goods are another favorite of mine. School books must be covered every year but the material is up to parents: paper, cloth or plastic. The cloth is expensive but it can be washed. Paper like freezer paper or shelf paper is cheaper but it tears. Plastic is not too expensive, is readily available, is waterproof and it’s clear. (Waxed freezer paper is a 2nd choice.)

The #1 tool to reduce back-to-school stress is (drum roll) getting everything ready the night before! The clothes, backpacks and lunches can all be readied at night before to prevent the morning madness. It’s the best sanity-saver and it doesn’t cost a penny.

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