From Scary Stories to a Cello

By Jackie Saulmon Ramirez | August 7, 2012

After eight years of attending college my twenty-six-year-old daughter Katie returned to begin her career in art. She looks and sounds the same and acts the same but she has settled down somewhat. She no longer has to be told to put things away, do laundry or to go to bed.

The other day Katie brought her new cello to play for me, a newly acquired skill. She taught herself piano and took lessons for violin a few years before she left home. The cello is larger and has a deeper, richer sound that resonates amazingly. Don’t ask me why, but as she began to draw the bow across the cello, my tears started to flow. It was a very emotional moment and few minutes before the tears stopped. My only explanation for the tears is that perhaps I understood concretely for the first time just how much she had grown, not just as my daughter and student, but as a human being.

Even more surprising was a discovery she and her sister Chelsey made while working in the basement a few days ago. It was a cassette she recorded of herself at about four or five years old. She was whispering in her tiny voice, a scary story complete with sound effects for suspense. Her speech had not fully developed just yet, the ‘r’ barely audible. As we all listened to that sweet little girl weave her spooky story, Katie herself started to cry!

You might say we’re a bit emotional here but it shows the impact when a few years pass. I’ve often spoken about dealing with issues with our children and focusing on the outcome, how they will remember it and using that as a guide. Also remember this, when your children go away from home, something changes, they and you will never be the same. Enjoy them right now…

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About Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

Jackie has volunteered for more than twenty years for children and family issues. Currently she writes for parents in the "Reminder" and "Parent Rap" Facebook page. If you are interested in receiving the "Reminder," send her a message.
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3 Responses to From Scary Stories to a Cello

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    my daughter was in tears Friday, her son started 6th grade…
    she finally understands why I stand and look at them wondering when they got so big…and grown up….my grandaughter is 9, and when she talks I think she is much more mature…
    *sigh*…the cello…one of my favorites…my daughter taught herself to play the flute….
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts….
    Take Care…You Matter…


    • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

      Hi Mary Rose,

      Isn’t it funny that our children must have children before they begin to understand? *smile* My daughters always surprise me as I’m sure yours surprise you, with their talents and their school knowledge. There is always something new. 🙂
      The first time I realized how good Katie was, I sat and listened as she played. I kept thinking… This talented musician came out of me!!! My mother forced me and my brothers to take piano when we were teenagers– too late I thought. I could barely play Chop Sticks…
      Tonight I am excited, tomorrow will be her first day at her first job out of college– her students will call my last baby, “Professor.” Life has been good.
      When my children went back to school every fall I treated myself to a day out of the house. I hope you do the same.
      Thank you for your touching words. 🙂



      • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

        yes and its nice to not be so “uncool” LOLs
        my mom was an English lit and music teacher….
        when other kids got drums, guitars, piano lessons, my sister and I got accordions !
        I actually enjoyed it and got pretty good, but I cannot read music, makes no sense, I can hear something and play…drove my mom crazy…we had to quit when my bio-logical sperm donor decided we were making I wish I hadn’t stopped…

        I used to treat myself to a day out too..many years ago..and no my daughter does it ….

        You are very welcome…Have a wonderful week one day at a time…
        Take Care…You Matter…


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