Daddy, Me and the Secret Easter Bunny Nest

By Jackie Saulmon Ramirez | March 7, 2013

Holidays are very important events for children, they are HUGE. Thinking about Easter coming in March this year, I remembered being about five or six and how my family celebrated the holiday in Daytona, Florida. My dad told my older brother and me that in order for the Easter Bunny to find us and bring chocolate bunnies and candy eggs we would need to build a secret nest for the Bunny. This would be fun so off we went.

With it being so sunny and warm, I decided to make my Easter nest in a shady spot so the chocolate bunnies wouldn’t melt. I chose a place under our trailer, just behind the wheel where no one could see. My brother would never go there— he’s scared of bugs. I wandered around secretly picking up leaves and tall grasses to make my nest. It would have to be large enough to hold all the Easter candies. I smiled thinking the Easter Bunny would like my nest better than my brother’s. I hollowed the ground a little then placed the leaves in a circular pattern and patted the center down a bit. When I was finished, I sneaked back indoors without anyone knowing where my nest was.

That night at supper Daddy asked us if we had built our nests for the Easter Bunny. My brother pointed over behind a chair; so much for his secret nest! Daddy turned to me and asked me where my nest was and I replied, “I’m not telling anybody where my nest is!”

Daddy whispered in my ear, “You can tell me— I won’t tell anyone.”

With hands on my hips I didn’t give in. “Nope, it’s a secret, just like you said!”

“But what if the Easter Bunny can’t find it?” he countered.

He obviously didn’t know very much, “The Easter Bunny knows everything just like Santa Claus, it’ll find it!”

As soon as my feet hit the floor the next morning, I ran outside in my pajamas. I slipped under the trailer and crawled behind the wheel— I was stunned! I was crushed. There were no chocolate bunnies and no candy eggs. The Easter Bunny couldn’t find my secret nest because just like Santa Claus— it didn’t exist.

Back inside, I found a blanket ‘nest’ right next to my brother’s filled with a large chocolate bunny, little bags of jelly beans and a colorful sand pail and shovel for summer. I should have been happy with all those goodies but I wasn’t. When my dad found me he began his damage-control talk but all of his ‘what ifs’ and ‘maybes’ couldn’t put the Easter Bunny back in my childhood. I listened to my dad and, oddly enough, felt a bit sorry for him.

Now that I am an adult with kids of my own, I realize why my dad looked so sad. His baby was growing up, just like mine did. As parents we want to hold on to all those magical times and keep them just a little longer but our children cannot wait. Use your time wisely; enjoy them while you can!

“Thanks Daddy.”

Copyright © 2014 Jackie Saulmon Ramirez. All Rights Reserved.

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About Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

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