Meet Bob Stone, the National 2014 Jolly K. Award Recipient

Parents Anonymous National proudly announces the recipient for the 2014 Jolly K. Award as Robert “Bob” Stone of Keansburg, New Jersey!

By Jackie Saulmon Ramirez | March 12, 2014

Robert “Bob” Stone

Bob has been the go-to father and friend when someone needed a helping hand in the community. When Hurricane Sandy decimated a large portion of the Jersey shore and many of his fellow group members – or “brothers” as he affectionately calls them – became homeless, he was right there for every single member. As evident by his actions, Bob is an extraordinarily selfless, passionate, and tireless human being who exemplifies the principles of Jolly K., Parents Anonymous and the Father Time Vision Statement.

When Bob’s group members were asked to describe him, this was the response:

“He made me feel part of the family the first time I met him.”

“He extends a real hand to anybody.”

“He’s the man for the job; he handles all of the details, and really cares, especially about kids.”

From Left: Bob Stone, Kathleen Roe, Jeff Johnson and RoseMarie Stone

About ten years ago Bob attended a focus group on the subject, “Why Fathers didn’t engage in programs?” Bob’s statement was reflective of Jolly K.’s in early 1970.

“Fathers want to talk to other fathers who understand them and have been through the same things,” he said.

Bob, a handful of interested fathers, and Jeff Johnson, the School Social Worker, put together a group for dads who met weekly in the Parents Anonymous® Group called “Keansburg Father Time.” Since 2005, Parents Anonymous® has been supporting these committed fathers and their families in the Keansburg-Bayshore area, some of which are economically depressed.

Bob (far left) and Jeff (center) with the Keansburg Father Time crew on one of their many outings.

Bob is quite a devoted Parent Advocate who has presented locally and throughout the State of New Jersey on the importance of parent leadership and Parents Anonymous® mutual support, especially for fathers. Whether it is the famous Father Time fishing derbies, barbecues, canoe and kayak trips, St. Patrick’s Day Parade or any of the other fun family-friendly activities, Bob and these fathers have become the glue for their families and community.

Jeff Johnson, the School Social Worker and Father Time Program Director said, “This is great news; Bob surely deserves this recognition. A large part of our success rests on the strong shoulders of Bob Stone, he truly extends himself for Father Time dads in Monmouth County and across New Jersey.”

Bob and another Father Time member prepare breakfast for everyone.

“Bob is a wonderful father and extraordinary human being; he certainly deserves this honor,” said Kathleen Roe, Executive Director of Parents Anonymous of New Jersey, Inc.

The coveted Jolly K. Award was presented to Bob on March 7th in Newark, New Jersey by Commissioner Allison of the Department of Children and Families. Bob is married to lovely wife RoseMarie and they have seven sons and 13 grandchildren.

Father Time dads understand the importance of fathers to their families and are positive role models for their children. Father Time, like the Parents Anonymous model, utilizes a combination of shared leadership of parents and professionals to support healthy interactions and positive change that will inevitably lead forward into the future.

Members representing Father Time at the 2013 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Keansburg, New Jersey.

The Department of Children and Families Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention Grant made it possible for Father Time to expand into three sites in South Jersey, in addition to the original Keansburg group. Father Time in Monmouth County continues to grow thanks to the collaboration and support of the Keansburg School District, Parents Anonymous of New Jersey, Inc. and Pascale Sykes Foundation who share and support our mission of strong families and safe children. Currently there are seven Father Time Groups throughout four New Jersey counties.

Named for Jolly K., the award was created to recognize and honor parents who exemplify the spirit and principles of Jolly K., the founder and first member of Parents Anonymous.

Jolly K. testified to Senator Walter Mondale’s subcommittee and was instrumental in getting Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) of 1973 passed. CAPTA is now celebrating its 40th anniversary. The 19th Annual Child Abuse and Neglect Conference will be held in New Orleans in late April.

Congratulations Bob!

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About Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

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