Independence Day – Fourth of July

These Independence Day – Fourth of July resources are some that I have recommended to Parents Anonymous parents. Resources are in alphabetical order according to the resource titles. If you find a broken link or have a resource to share with other parents please use the contact form below.

Cheap is good, free is better! It is my endeavor to locate no-cost resources for parents but occasionally some websites will charge some type of membership fees or subscription. Ultimately, it is the parent’s responsibility to monitor their child’s online activities.

Activities and Crafts for July 4th – Enchanted Learning

All 4th of July Crafts – PBS

The American Flag – USA Flag Site

American Independence – Fordham University

American Independence – SurfNetKids

American Revolution – Wikipedia

America’s Independence Day – AKidsHeart

Best 4th of July Games – SurfNetKids (Links)

Bill of Rights – Archives

A Brief History of the 4th of July – SurfNetKids (Links on Side)

Cartoon Fun and the History of the Fourth of July – Brownielocks and the 3 Bears

Celebrate holidays with Office Clip Art and Media

Children’s Patriotic Poems 4th of July Poetry and Rhymes for Kids

The Constitution of the United States

Craft Project: Make an Uncle Sam Folk Art Figure – Links

Declaration of Independence – Archives

The Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies

Fireworks – National Fire Protection Association

Fireworks Safety – KidsHealth

Fireworks Safety Information Center

4th of July Activities and Games for Kids – Apples4TheTeacher

4th of July – Billy Bear’s Playground

4th of July and Independence Day Crafts

4th of July by the Numbers

4th of July/Independence Day – Pinterest

4th of July Independence Day Resources – Pintrest

4th of July Crafts – Pintrest

48 4th of July Crafts for Kids – Spoonful

4th of July Jokes – Jokes by Kids

4th of July – Kid Style – Pinterest

4th of July Party Games – SurfNetKids

4th OF July Resources

4th OF July – TheHolidayZone

“4th of July” – Spoonful

Fourth of July – Constitutional Rights Foundation

Fourth of July – Family Education

Fourth of July – Celebrate America

The Fourth of July: A Day to Remember – Education World

Fourth of July (American Independence Day) – Social Studies for Kids

Fourth of July – Activity Village

Fourth of July Colouring Pages – Activity Village

Fourth of July –

Fourth of July and General USA Coloring Pages – DLTK

Fourth of July – Family Education – Links

Fourth of July – 4th of July Crafts and Activities for Children – Daniel’s Place

Fourth of July Holiday Recommended Reading – Kids Books for 4th of July

Fourth of July – Infoplease

Fourth of July Is Independence Day –

The Fourth of July – What happened in history on this day?

Fourth of July Kids’ Activities – Martha Stewart

Fourth of July – KidsKonnect Links

Fun Facts – Links – Geocities

12 Fun Fourth of July Activities for Kids – Care

Fun Fourth of July Games for Kids – Better Homes and Gardens

Happy Birthday America – Info & Links

Happy Birthday America! – Just4KidsMagazine

History of the Fourth – PBS

The History of the 4th of July – Military

Independence Day – ABCTeach – Free & $

Independence Day – Fact Monster

Independence Day – SurfNetKids

Independence Day Fun – Games – SurfNetKids

Independence Day (United States) – Wikipedia

Independence Day! – Educator Links

Independence Day July 4th – USACityLink

Independence Day: The Fourth of July – Kidzworld

Independence Day Fun (More Links) – SurfNetKids

Independence Day Games – Primary Games

Independence Day – National Park Service

Independence Day – Teaching with Historic Places – National Park Service

Independence Day in United States – TimeAndDate

Independence Day Thematic Unit – 4th of July Unit of Study – Apples4TheKids

Independence Day Trivia Quiz – About

Independence Day (United States)

July 2014 Calendar – Calendar-365

July 4th – History

July 4th – Info & Videos


Keep the kids entertained with these Fourth of July craft projects

Kids Celebrate America – Pinterest

Kids 4th of July Crafts – All Kids Network

The National Council on Fireworks Safety (Safety Quiz)

Parent Tips: Surviving 4th of July Fireworks – Pathfinders for Autism

Show Your Colors and Make Freedom Bracelets

Statue of Liberty Cams – EarthCam

Top 10 outdoor games for 4th of July – Examiner

Traditional Children’s Games for the 4th of July

Twenty Interesting Things About…4th of July

USA and Fourth of July Ideas – DLTK

10 Ways to Celebrate Independence Day in Washington, DC

7 Ways to Teach Kids What July 4th Means – Grandparents

Welcome to Independence Day on the Net – Info & Links


All-American 4th of July Recipes – EatingWell

4th of July – Betty Crocker

4th of July – Recipes

4th of July Recipes – AllRecipes

4th of July – Food – Pintrest

4th of July – Food Network

4th of July Party Food – Delish

4th of July Party Food Ideas – CuteFoodForKids

4th of July – Recipe

4th of July Recipes –

4th of July Recipes – Better Homes and Gardens

4th of July Recipes – Cooking Light

4th of July Recipes – Kraft

Fourth of July – Martha Stewart

Fourth of July – EveryDay – Rachael Ray

Fourth of July Recipes – Southern Living

Fourth of July Recipes, Candy and Cake Decorating

July 4th Recipes – My Recipes

Healthy 4th of July Recipes and Menus – EatingWell

July 4th Recipes – Taste of Home

Recipes and Party Tips for a Star-Studded July 4th – Epicurious

35 Fun 4th of July Recipes


The Anacreontic Song and The Star Spangled Banner

“Anacreton in Heaven” The Tune Behind The “Star Spangled Sailabration”

Choirs Sing Star Spangled Banner Over 18 Floors of Hotel

4th of July Cartoon Lesson – Home School House Rock

Independence Day and the History of the American Flag Cool School

Liberty’s Kids #13 The First Fourth of July

Madison Rising – The Star Spangled Banner

National Anthem National Anthem at the Superbowl by Whitney Houston

Star Spangled Banner by 7-Year-Old Girl

The Star Spangled Banner (2014 edition)

The Star Spangled Banner Full Version

“What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” by Frederick Douglass.

Whitney Houston Star Spangled Banner


4th Of July Crafts And Recipes

4th Of July Crafts Blogger Edition 2010

21 American Craft Projects

History Of Battle Flag Day Sept. 17, 1879

Honor The Flag How To Properly Display The American Flag

Our Flag

NOTE: If you have links to suggest for inclusion or if you find a broken link, contact me using the contact page.

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Jackie has volunteered for more than twenty years for children and family issues. Currently she writes for parents in the "Reminder" and "Parent Rap" Facebook page. If you are interested in receiving the "Reminder," send her a message.
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18 Responses to Independence Day – Fourth of July

  1. Gator Woman says:

    Holy Cow! That is the VERY best collection that I have ever seen
    Many thanks for doing this!


    • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

      Thank you! I’m in the process of doing this for many holidays. I collect these for busy parents that do not have time to search and weed out resources. Even now, I’m already collecting things to add to them as I go when I update. Hopefully, in a year’s time, I should have most holidays done, even “Festivus for the rest of us.” Thank you again.


      • Gator Woman says:

        Not sure if this would be of any interest to you, but I have a Global Events page here:
        I would be happy to list your new collections each time you do them!


      • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

        I appreciate that! I want to include all major holidays in the U.S. first because many of those overlap in many cultures. I want to put up any Native American celebrations next. I understand they don’t have ‘holidays’ as we know them but rather celebrations, pow-wows, observances and events.

        I would like to have holidays that represent all the cultures who live in the U.S. I know almost nothing about Ramadan but I found several great resources.

        I also make my own Cryptograms and Word Searches for all kinds of things. I can make Crosswords, too, but those are more labor intensive.

        One thing I run into is there is not much information about specific, little-known holidays. I spoke with a Native American blogger/friend and he said ‘holidays’ are an European concept. Another issue is dates that change and websites that are put up for that year only. I never realized how complicated that would be until I began this. (I shudder to think of all the different tribes!)

        With Native American celebrations, until I can get information together, I plan to make a “Native American” holiday page to request information from the public and Native Americans in particular. I definitely want them represented in this, especially to educate non-Natives about their celebrations.

        The other thing I work with is scheduling; my #1 goal is to write one article per week for this blog. Once that is done and is posted I have dozens of little chores to do in operation and support of parents, some is one-on-one support. That’s when I get a brief break to work on the holidays link. That is besides working on this blog.

        I am energized, though, and I plan to stick with it.

        Thank you, Gator Woman. I appreciate you taking the time to send this resource… I’ve already filed it for future use. 🙂


      • Gator Woman says:

        Would your blogging Native friend be Walkingfox?


      • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

        This is the man I know:


      • Gator Woman says:

        We have shared a home since 1999.


      • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

        You and Sachem? 😮


      • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

        Talk about a small world! 🙂 Did he tell you how little I know? I sought him out because I know he is knowledgeable. I have a Winnebago friend in Wisconsin who belongs to the same organization as I but she doesn’t blog. She actually just got back from Russia where she talked about her experience in America.

        I do know little but I, and many others, want to learn. My website is devoted to parents, parenting and learning a better way.

        What can I present to parents in the U.S. and other areas about Native American celebrations, remembrances, observances that people read and use? If they do an annual remembrance of Little Big Horn then I want to put that on my blog as a resource. That is what I am looking for.


      • Gator Woman says:

        We have been to the recreation of Little Big Horn in Montana.
        The year that we met, we went to many places I knew he had never been to out West.
        I took him to many Reservations in the West and then to other places that were of great Historical importance to Native Culture.
        We have combined my education in Anthropology and Native American Studies with his own family’s History.
        We work together on many projects dedicated to Native Culture.
        It has been great for both of us.


      • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

        That sounds awesome! My husband is from Peru and he identifies with the people that were there before the Spaniards came. Sadly, I have been unable to travel to Peru due to my disabilities but I have absorbed every documentary possible. Our daughters did go to Peru, though, and loved it. 😉


      • Gator Woman says:

        How exciting!!!!
        Here is a link to a page that shows some of our travels together:


      • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

        I had just written a lot and somehow it closed on me and I lost it.

        You and he look perfect together.

        I looked around on your website and love it; I’ve jotted down the URL for later on. I have to go but I will be back.



      • Gator Woman says:

        We are just getting ready to eat dinner.
        Later Gator~


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